Alice Plouchard Stelzer

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Female Adventurers

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I wrote "Female Adventurers" because I wanted today's society, especially young people, to be aware of the struggles and courage of our foremothers who were on the front lines in the wilderness helping to colonize a new world for their families.

The Women Profiled in Female Adventurers

Margaret Barret Huntington Stoughton
Susanna Capen Rockwell Grant
Jane Dibenot Newberry Warham
Mary Merwin Tinker Collins
Mary Heath Mason Seeley
Hester Sherman Ward
Mary Wade Chester
Rebecca Elsen Mudge Greensmith
Susanna Garbramd Hooker
Mabel Harlakenden Haynes Eaton
Mary Blott Woodford
Elizabeth Gibbons Hitchcock Warriner Baldwin

(There is one more woman, Mary Holt, in the book but she is not profiled. Read the book to see why not.)

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