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 Meet Mehetable Reviews

"There are good researchers, engaging writers and entertaining presenters. It is rare to find all three talents in one person. Alice Plouchard Stelzer is one of the few.

Alice is a skillful researcher, a knowledgeable historian, an excellent writer and a very entertaining speaker. If your community is interested in history, they will enjoy this program.

I know I would much prefer watching a few minutes of a program as a means to evaluate as opposed to a verbal recommendation from an unknown so below is the link to her presentation.

Kathy Cockcroft
Brewster Ladies' Library

West Dennis Library welcomed Alice to kick off Women's History Month and she did just that to a full house that sat rapt as she - dressed in the style of the period - educated us on the conditions, life styles, limitations and contributions of these women. The book has proven itself to have wide appeal. Alice shared her own story, graciously took questions and stayed to informally chat with the guests as she signed books at the end of her presentation.

Thank you Alice for a great program and a very enjoyable afternoon!”

The staff of the West Dennis Library

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